Rick of Bay area spa repair is unprofessional.

Santa Rosa, California 0 comments
Not resolved

Did not show up or call back several times, I was charged $300 for unnecessary parts and problem still persist but he was so unprofessional I will not even call him back.I was forgiving for the family issues he had during this time and the fact he got sick but after that was all over he set appointments and didn't show up, no phone calls he just left me waiting all day, then shows up unannounced to work on our tub, so I let him work on it even know I was going to be late for work and then he leaves without telling me or even explaining what he thought was wrong, the tub still never gets hot and shut off at 99, all this after he replaced $300 in parts and our original problem is still a problem.

But I won't be calling him back.

Plus he brings his kid on the job and constantly yells at him and complained about how crappy of work he does.All I wanted was a working hot tub.

Review about: Via Spa.

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